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Inventory>1. Screws
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Find the right screw for your job in our selection of Zinc, Ceramic, and Stainless Steel Particle Board Screws. Also, don't forget to see if our drywall screws and furniture screws fit your needs.
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We carry a variety of C1022 Steel screws with a Zinc finish. Check out our line-up of Flat Head, Pan Head, Round Washer Head, and Hex Washer Head screws.
Falcon P10™ Hinge Screws are designed to last and complement the look of your Barn and Shed Hinges. The screw is designed with a 2,500 Hour Salt Spray Tested Ruspert Ceramic Coating that comes with a Gloss Black Finish to stand the test of time.
Falcon P13™ Painted Shutter Screws are Falcon™ Round Washer Head screws that have been painted for Storage Shed Shutters. The most popular colors come from W.E.H. Supply's color line, but the screw can also be painted any custom color.
Aqualoc™ Ceramic Screws come with a specialty Ruspert coat that is baked onto the screw. This coat provides extra protection in outdoor settings and prevents rust and corrosion. This screw is excellent for outdoor deck construction and is ACQ Approved.
Badger™ Stainless Steel Screws are made with 305 Stainless Steel. These screws feature a high corrosion resistance that makes them the best choice for outdoor construction applications. The Badger™ Brand has a variety of screw types including Flat Head, Pan Head, and Round Washer Head Screws.
Prisma™ Colormatch Deck Screws are painted to match a variety of deck board brands. The Prisma™ screw is made of 305 Stainless Steel for corrosion and rust resistance. It is the ideal screw for composite deck construction.
WoodFerret™ Fine Furniture Fasteners are designed specifically for use in furniture. The Face Frame screws are designed for Pocket Hole applications and the Flat Head screws work well in Pine furniture.
Manufactured and Tested to Demanding Standards, our Drywall Screws also haveTighter Tolerance Phillips Drive for easier installation. The screws come with the standard Black Phosphate coating.
Leola Fasteners' two types of structural screws, the Log House Screw and the Ledger Board Screw, are manufactured to Industry standards. The screws are perfectly designed to meet your specific Structural needs.
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