9-8X2-1/2 Star Drive Flat Head Ceramic Screw

Aqualoc™ Deck Screw
Ruspert ACQ Approved
2,500 per box

Head Type: Flat Head with 4 Nibs
Drive: T-25 Star Drive
Thread Type:

  • 8 Threads per Inch
  • Type 17 Cutter Point
  • 2/3 Thread Length
  • C1022 Hard Steel
  • Tan Ruspert Ceramic Coat
  • 2,000 Hour Salt Spray Test
Ideal screw for all-around use, this 9-8X2-1/2 Star Drive Flat Head Ceramic Screw is perfect for all outdoor applications that require weather-protected fasteners, such as sheds, barns, chicken coops, gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, and even garages. The flat head screw's Ruspert Ceramic Coat is proven resilient by a salt spray test, making it an excellent choice for any decking projects, even those continuously exposed to a outdoor environments.