Painted Screws – what you need to know for that perfect look!

1/28/213 comments

The proper fasteners add a professional finish to any job. Instead of shiny, obvious screw heads showing on the surface, how about painted screw heads that blend or match the substrate or environment? Painted heads on screws are used regularly but are almost invisible because they blend in seamlessly with...

Everything you wanted to know about screws . . . and didn’t think to ask

4/23/202 comments

The History of Screws Screws – the simple mechanics of a helix thread wrapped around a cylinder - so basic, yet transformative in today’s world of complex machinery and construction. From cars and skyscrapers to computers and furniture, much in our lives is fastened together by screws. The earliest screws...

Stainless Steel Screws – Strength and Durability for a variety of applications

3/18/203 comments

Stainless steel screws are ideal fasteners under most circumstances and are known for their anti-rust and anti-corrosion advantages. The chemical combination of iron with alloy elements like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and other molecules (in varying proportions) reinforces the strength of iron to form stainless steel with its strength, durability and...

Which screw drive is best, Star, Phillips, or Square? How about a combo?

11/11/198 comments

Whether you are a construction pro or a determined DIYer, a project can really get “screwed up” (pun intended) if the proper drivers for that screw are not used. The days of grabbing screws and a screwdriver from a rusty coffee can are over. Quality projects take planning, skill, as...

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