Painted Screws – what you need to know for that perfect look!

Painted Screws – what you need to know for that perfect look!

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The proper fasteners add a professional finish to any job. Instead of shiny, obvious screw heads showing on the surface, how about painted screw heads that blend or match the substrate or environment?

Painted heads on screws are used regularly but are almost invisible because they blend in seamlessly with the project. For example, vinyl windows and shutters, gutters, decks, RVs, siding, and sheds all take advantage of painted screws for a finished look.

Sure, you can grab a can of spray paint, try to match up the colors to your project, and coat the screws. It seems easy but then DIY attempts become obvious with chipped or unsightly globs of paint, difficulty turning the screws, and premature corrosion. The paint does not cure or adhere to the screw properly because it is the wrong kind of paint, or the screw has not been properly pretreated.

With a wide selection of screws in stock to color match, the pros at Leola Fasteners can help you choose the best painted screws for your project. These color-coordinated fasteners are perfect for decking, roofing, gutters, sheds, concrete, cabinets, shutters, and hundreds of other applications. From simple black, gray, white, or wood tone painted screws to custom-colored painted screws, Leola Fasteners can help you achieve the professional look you want.

Pan head screws, hex head screws, lag screws, sheet metal screws, self-tapping screws, and trim screws (actually all screws!) can be painted or coated to match your project. And whether your screws are zinc, stainless steel, metal alloy, or aluminum, Leola Fasteners has the resources and technology to meet your needs.

Using painted screws goes beyond aesthetics – proper coating or painting of screw heads adds to the corrosion resistance of the fasteners. Bring your project information and a color to the pros; they can match up colors, suggest options to enhance the look of your project and help you make all your projects – from shed hardware to deck exteriors – look polished and professional.

With so many colors and finishes for screws and fasteners, purchasing painted screws from the pros is truly time and cost-effective. Do it right the first time, and discover the advantage of painted screw head color options from Leola Fasteners.

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Joe Potts on 1/24/24

When I install a steel screw with a painted head, the head invariably rusts – and rather quickly at that (I live near salt water).
Solution? The screws go into aluminum.
Leola Fasteners replied:
While painted fastener heads provide a nice finished look for your project, the paint does little to protect against corrosion in exterior environments. Our recommended solution would be to use a 316 Stainless Steel grade fastener, which provides excellent corrosion protection within a marine environment, especially saltwater, and is compatible with aluminum. The head can still be painted, and the stainless steel will resist corrosion better than the regular steel fastener. While we don’t offer a wide selection of 316 SS parts on our ecommerce store, if you give us a call at (717) 656-0256, we can work to provide you with pricing and options that best meet your specific need.

Mark Linn on 7/ 2/21

I am in need of 150 stainless steel wood screws with burgundy colored heads about 2-1/2" long. Is this something you can supply?

April Hickman on 4/29/21

Do you give out quotes on painted screws?

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