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Leola Fasteners has a featured line for the lawn furniture industry.  Our Badger screws feature the 305 stainless steel needed for outdoor use and poly lumber products. We supply the industrial fasteners such as bolts, lags, nuts, and washers needed in lawn furniture.  Leola Fasteners also supplies the GRK brand screws, which provide superior durability and strength.

Drive Type
Drive Type
  • 1/4" Hex Drive - Unslotted
  • Phillips/Square Combo
  • Square Drive
  • Star Drive
  • Ruspert Coated - Tan
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc
Head Type
Head Type
  • Bugle Head
  • Flat Head With Nibs
  • Flat Head Without Nibs
  • Hex Washer Head
  • Pan Head
  • Round Washer Head
  • Special Pan Head
  • Trim Head
Screw Type
Screw Type