5/16X2-1/2 Rugged Structural Screw Stainless

600 per box

RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws: Speedy lag bolt alternative with immense drawing power. Ideal for use anywhere you would use a traditional lag screw and more, but with no pre-drilling required. For use in all applications including pressure treated lumber.

They are self tapping, which eliminates pre-drilling and they feature a washer head with cutting teeth, W-Cut™ for reducing torque, CEE Thread™ for no splitting and Pheinox™ 305 Stainless Steel. The recommended use of PHEINOX™ stainless steel fasteners are in tropical wood, cedar wood, pool, hot tub, sauna and seaside applications, as well as deck applications in areas with large daily temperature variances.Pheinox™ 305 Stainless Steel is the ultimate finish for superior all weather corrosion protection.

Head Type: Round Washer Head
Drive Type: T-30 Star
Thread Type: W-Cut & CEE Thread
Composition Pheinox™ 305 Stainless Steel


  • Recessed Star Drive: Zero Stripping with 6 Points of Contact
  • CEE Thread: Enlarges Hole to Reduce Splitting
  • W-Cut: Low Torque for Smother Drive
  • Zip-Tip: No Pre-Drilling & Faster Penetration
  • 305 Stainless Steel: Superior Combination of Strength & Corrosion Resistance